isra cubillo

 A Coruña. 1973

 My father worked in a photography laboratory for 40 years, my mother edited pictures found in the back of drawers. I do not remember my first picture or my first steps. Sometimes the fear of not remembering makes me take a camera – at other times I want to know how something looks by taking a picture of it.

 A self taught photographer, i have participated in workshops and seminars with artists and photographers such as Bernard Plossu, Alberto García-Alix, Vari Caramés, Ricky Dávila, Laura González, Carlos Cánovas o Jose Manuel Castro Prieto.

 In 2005 I am nominated for a grant on the 6th edition of the Photojornalism seminar of the Santa María de Albarracín Foundation, in 2011 to participate in Descubrimientos Photoespaña and in 2012 to participate in Novos PHE.

Finalist in Luis Ksado 2014


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 · Centrepoint Collective
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